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Extended Auto Coverage is an affordable competitively priced service contract that is for your New or Used Livery vehicles that do not come with Livery extended service or warranty coverage from the manufacturers. Available plans range from 5 yrs or 75,0000 miles to 5 years or 150,000 miles. Each contract includes a $100 deductible. The repairs can be made at any Licensed repair facility nationwide. You are not required to bring the vehicle back to a franchised dealer.

Coverage provided for fleet and multiple driver vehicles, vehicles used for livery, service and repair work, trade work, mobile businesses, route delivery and vehicles used to pull commercial trailers. Examples of commercial use vehicles are vehicles used for taxis, shuttles, lawn care, home inspectors, mail/parcel delivery, dog washing, appliance delivery, contractors/trades.

Available plans



XT-1 Coverage

All internally lubricated engine parts including: pistons, piston rings, piston pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and bearings, camshaft and bearings, timing chain or belt (must be serviced according to manufacturer’s recommendations to qualify for coverage), timing gears, tensioners/guides, intake and exhaust valves, valve springs, valve guides, oil pump and oil pump housing, push rods, rocker arms, rocker arm shafts, hydraulic and solid lifters; intake & exhaust manifold; distributor shaft and housing; harmonic balancer; valve covers; timing gear cover; air filter housing; water pump; fuel pump; vacuum pump; thermostatically controlled air intake; oil pan; engine block and heads are covered if damaged by the Failure of an internally lubricated moving part. Hybrid/Electric Vehicle: Hybrid Control Unit(s) including Inverter; Stator and Rotor; Battery Sensors; Cooling Fan; Cooling Duct(s); High Voltage Harness and Junction Box; Electric Drive Motor(s).

All internal parts; housing is covered if damaged by the Failure of an internally lubricated moving part.
All internal parts; torque converter; vacuum modulator; mounts; covers, pans and cases are covered if damaged by the Failure of an internally lubricated moving part.Note: No Coverage is afforded for clutch assembly; pressure plate; flywheel; throwout bearing; worn synchronizers or cables.
All internal parts; transfer case is covered if damaged by the Failure of an internally lubricated moving part.
All internal parts; “U” joints; propeller shafts; CV/Tripod joints; differential case is covered if damaged by the Failure of an internally lubricated moving part.
Seals and gaskets are covered for the above listed assemblies. (See page and/or sweating of seals or gaskets are not covered, unless causing engine



XT-2 Coverage

Includes all XT-1 components plus the following;
All internal parts in rack and pinion; all internal parts in recirculating ball housing; couplings; gear housing; power steering pump; steering main and intermediate shafts; power cylinder assembly; power steering cooler; control valve; Pitman arm; idler arm; tie rod ends; drag link/center link.
Alternator; voltage regulator; starter motor, drive and solenoid; power seat motors; power window motors, regulators and drives; front wiper motor including circuit board, relay and delay switch; manually operated switches for power windows, power seat(s), turn signal switch, headlamps, wipers (front and rear), emergency warning flashers; horn button; power door lock actuators; trunk actuator and motor.
Upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts and bushings; upper and lower ball joints; steering knuckles; stabilizer shaft, link and bushings; king pins and bushings; strut bar and bushings; spindles and spindle supports.

Master cylinder; power assist booster and valve; wheel cylinders; calipers; combination valve; steel lines and fittings; backing plates; vacuum assist booster pump; springs, clips and retainers; self adjusters; rear activators; parking brake linkage and cables.


Compressor; internal assembly including pistons, rods, bearings, valves and shafts; clutch; coil and pulley; orifice tube; condenser; evaporator; manual switches.


Radiator; fan clutch and fan; engine cooling fan motors; thermostat; heater core.

Anti-detonation/knock sensor; ESC/EEC/ECM module; oxygen sensor; electronic module retard vacuum switch; electronic ignition module; fuel pump driver module; igniter; electronic digital instrument cluster; digital driver information display and module; instrument panel printed circuit board.

Step bumpers and mounting brackets; power tailgate actuator and motor; power winch motor, its controller and wire harness; power winch roller; spare tire carrier, swing arm, pivots, latches and locks; factory installed running boards, power running board actuator and motor; swing out mirror arms, mounts, actuator and motor; pop-out or sliding side/rear window latches and hinges; convenience bed liner (not warpage); tailgate handle, lock, cables, hinges and latches; edge protectors; cargo lamp; tie downs; trailer hitch receiver, insert and plug receptacle; auxiliary fuel tank and its switch over valve.
Note: Rust damage and Failures caused by rust are expressly excluded.

Seals and gaskets are covered for the above listed assemblies.




XT-3 Coverage

Includes all XT-2 components plus the following;

Fuel gauge sending unit; heated back glass elements (glass is not covered); rear wiper motor; heater blower motor; horn; factory installed sun/moon roof motor and its wiring harness and switches; convertible top motor and switches; radio and CD player (factory or dealer installed with factory approved parts only); power antenna motor, mast and switches.

MAF/MAP sensor; EGR valve; DPFE valve; failure of remote key-less entry transmitter and receiver (loss is not covered); heated side view mirror element; cruise control servo, module and transducer; compass; speed sensor; thermometer.

Macpherson struts; shackle bushings and eye bushings; springs, torsion bars and bushings; stabilizer linkage and bushings; wheel bearings and seals; automatic leveling unit compressor, sensor and limiter valve.
Expansion valve; dryer tank; accumulator; POA valve; hi/low pressure cut-off switch; ducts and outlet hoses; automatic temperature control programmer.

Control unit; actuator; mode selector; position sensor; rear tie rod assembly; rear gear assembly; cylinder barrel; center joint; pinion; power steering housing is covered if damaged by the Failure of an internal part.

Electronic control unit; anti-lock computer module; wheel speed sensors/exciters; proportioning valves; high pressure hydraulic pump; electro-hydraulic proportioning control valves; accumulator.

Fuel injector metering pump; fuel injectors; fuel distributor; diesel injection pump; fuel tank; metal fuel lines.
Glove box door and hinge; manually operated seat tracks; adjustable pedals; interior and exterior door handles; door hinges; map/courtesy light assembly; hood, trunk and hatch gas cylinders; hood, trunk and hatch hinges; bumper energy absorbers; speedometer head.

Air fuel ratio sensor; Anti-knock sensor; Fuel sensor; Idle air control valve; Intake air temperature sensor; Intake manifold; Manifold air pressure (MAP) sensor; Mass air flow sensor; Oxygen sensor; Powertrain control module (PCM); Secondary air injection system; and Throttle body assembly (MFI).

Seals and gaskets are covered for the above listed assemblies.



Ultimate XT Coverage

Ultimate XT provides coverage for virtually every mechanical and electrical component of your New Or Pre Owned Vehicle. This coverage is so comprehensive that its not on short list of exclusions, it is covered. Ultimate Coverage includes all components covered under XT-1,XT-2, XT-3 PLUS hundreds more, such as;

  • Heated seat elements
  • Main wiring harnass
  • Anti-theft devices
  • LED brake lights
  • Ignition lock assembly
  • Heat control valve
  • Fuel pressure regulator
  • Hood and trunk lift supports
  • Window washer pumps

To learn more please reach out to David Bastian @ 800-730-3683 or

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